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At Outfitter Financial, we are completely committed to Guiding Anglers and Hunters to Wealth and Beyond.

We have a double-barrelled passion for the way money really works and the great outdoors – and we want to share it with you.

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Our Owner & Head Guide

Winning his first professional fishing tournament at age 19, Scott Morrow went on to have a 28-year career in financial services, including more than a decade on Bay Street, becoming a national authority on the use of life insurance as an asset class in financial planning.

Unapologetically country at heart, for Scott, fishing and hunting hasn’t been a pastime – it’s been a passion since he was a teenager. In 2021, he left the corporate world behind for good and opened Outfitter Financial on a quest to serve the fishing and hunting community that has given him so much.

Authorized as a Financial Planner in the province of Ontario, Scott is a Certified Executor Advisor (CEA) and Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU).

Our Owner & Head Guide, Scott Morrow
Scott Morrow

Become a student of the game.

Scottism #1
Close-up photo of Scott Morrow’s hands, adjusting his fishing line

“I am very comfortable talking through things with Scott. He won’t push me to do something. Too many others, I don’t want to open the door to them because I think they will hound me to death. But Scott presents the facts, and when you tell him your decision, he doesn’t fight you on it.”

Carol Johnson Retiree

“Scott has a greater understanding than a large, large percentage of the other advisors. He is able to communicate in a simple, easy to understand discussion. He does not lose people.”

Steve Renault Owner, Middle Retirement

“Scott is who Scott is. He is unashamedly Scott. In the early days on King Street, I remember him bringing moose stew into a meeting.”

Mike Ellis, BSc, CFP, CLU Director of Sales, Central North East Region, Independent Insurance Distribution, Sun Life

“What made Scott different is that he really took the time to know our family and our risk tolerance, and he came back with an approach that fit our family and personalities. It wasn’t just a cookie cutter approach. We have a unique situation, just like everybody else does.”

Kevin Roe Senior Director Supply Chain & Merchandising Operations, Rexall Pharmacy Group Ltd.