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Guiding Anglers and Hunters to Wealth and Beyond™

We are your
professional guides

Scott Morrow working at his laptop, accompanied by a mug that says ‘Safe Money’

In the world of the great outdoors, an outfitter is a professional guide or guide service that provides clients with access to opportunities and experiences that can be difficult and costly to obtain on their own.

If you are an angler or hunter, or might be interested in becoming one, we are your outfitters. We are your guides to wealth and beyond – whether it is financial security, or a harvest of fish and game, or both.

With our three decades of financial services experience, and a lifetime of fishing and hunting experience, we help you avoid the pitfalls – so you can get the absolute most out of every opportunity in all worlds.

“You can’t do that.”
“You will never succeed at that.”
“Why are you doing that?”

That’s what Scott Morrow heard one too many times growing up. It’s what drives him so hard to create opportunities for himself, his family, his friends and his clients.

Fundamentally, he believes that everyone deserves every opportunity – and that once identified, you take advantage of them.

Our Owner & Head Guide, Scott Morrow
Scott Morrow at home browsing a photo album
Two loons swim across a misty sunset-lit lake

Scott A Morrow CEA, CLU

Owner & Head Guide, Outfitter Financial Inc.

As Scott says,

“I don’t do anything halfway. I fully commit.”

And commit he has: Winning his first professional fishing tournament at age 19, Scott went on to Bay Street – and over the course of a 28-year career, became a national authority on the use of life insurance as an asset class in financial planning.

All while being an intense student of whatever game he is playing. All while being unapologetically country at heart – meaning, for example, that fishing and hunting has always, always, been a central feature of his life.

In 2021, Scott committed to the logical next phase: embracing his double-barrelled passion for how money really works and the great outdoors by launching Outfitter Financial as its Owner and Head Guide.

As he puts it,

“The fishing and hunting community has given me so much in my life. Now I’m on a quest to give back, by Guiding Anglers and Hunters to Wealth and Beyond™.”

Scott is married to his best friend Daisy, and between them they have four children. Renowned as always real, Scott in his Bay Street days was the rare driver of a GMC Sierra in the Toronto Financial District, and on many occasions treated colleagues at the Sun Life corporate head office to a lunch of moose stew.

Client Rob Daciw enjoying some food outside with Scott Morrow

He is also known for taking the time to understand what is meaningful to other people. Asked to sum up Scott in a single word, one client did it this way:

“Trustworthy. Because I totally trust that he will guide us where we want to go.”

Where will the Outfitter office be?

My office is in the field, in the woods, or on the water.
On my boat or your boat.

I want to be with my clients and create a one-of-a-kind environment for them. I love taking people and introducing them to my craft, whether it’s fishing, hunting or finance, and guiding them to be in the best position of opportunity – in the ultimate position to enjoy life.

Scott Morrow four-wheeling with happy client Rob Daciw out on the lake in winter
Panoramic shot of Scott Morrow out on the water with his boat in summer.

Brand foundation

If you are an angler or hunter, or might be interested in becoming one, we are your outfitters.

Core purpose

Why we do what we do

We believe that everyone deserves every opportunity in life.


Where we are going

To leave a legacy to the fishing and hunting community that has given me so much.


What we do every day

We deliver an environment that helps anglers and hunters identify, enjoy and protect life’s opportunities and adventures.


How we are different

A double-barrelled passion for how money really works and the great outdoors.

Scott Morrow in action cooking something on an outdoor-stove in winter

Our voice


  • Take the fear out of finance
  • Have very deep technical knowledge
  • Advocate for the truth
  • Are real and rooted
  • Have an immense appreciation and curiosity for entrepreneurs

What we believe

  • Respect for nature
  • Respect for people
  • Never, ever ego
  • Student of the game
  • Better together 
Close-up photo of a Morrow family clock with roman numerals and a personalized inscription that reads ‘family is everything’.
Our promise

Guiding Anglers and Hunters to Wealth and Beyond™

“Scott is who Scott is. He is unashamedly Scott. In the early days on King Street, I remember him bringing moose stew into a meeting.”

Mike Ellis, BSc, CFP, CLU Director of Sales, Central North East Region, Independent Insurance Distribution, Sun Life

“Scott has a greater understanding than a large, large percentage of the other advisors. He is able to communicate in a simple, easy to understand discussion. He does not lose people.”

Steve Renault Owner, Middle Retirement

“What made Scott different is that he really took the time to know our family and our risk tolerance, and he came back with an approach that fit our family and personalities. It wasn’t just a cookie cutter approach. We have a unique situation, just like everybody else does.”

Kevin Roe Senior Director Supply Chain & Merchandising Operations, Rexall Pharmacy Group Ltd.

“I am very comfortable talking through things with Scott. He won’t push me to do something. Too many others, I don’t want to open the door to them because I think they will hound me to death. But Scott presents the facts, and when you tell him your decision, he doesn’t fight you on it.”

Carol Johnson Retiree